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若是bat365中文官方网站 有刮花环境怎样办?

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若是bat365中文官方网站 有刮花环境,须要实时停止处置,以保障bat365 的一般利用和耽误其寿命。以下是一些罕见的刮花磨损景象和处置方式:
If there are scratches on the self feeding cement mixer truck, timely treatment is necessary to ensure the normal use of the mixer truck and extend its lifespan. The following are some common scratches and wear phenomena and treatment methods:
1、bat365 小创痕的修补:
1. Repair of small scratches on the mixer truck:
bat365 身若是发明创痕,先查抄创痕的水平。若是只是很浅的刮伤表漆,当即用夹杂剂处置,擦拭方式为直线擦拭。创痕消逝后,用更细的夹杂剂擦拭以后再打上蜡。
If any scars are found when stirring the car body, first check the extent of the scars. If it is only a shallow scratch on the surface paint, immediately treat it with a mixture and wipe it in a straight line. After the scars disappear, wipe with a finer mixture before applying wax.
2、bat365 擦伤的修补:
2. Repair of scratches on the mixing truck:
一切的bat365 在利用进程中都有擦伤,修补方式是创痕局部填上与车身不异的镀膜剂。镀膜剂可涂一次、二次、三次,次数越多,会涂得越清洁。但全部bat365 身的平均处置也很主要。
All mixing trucks have scratches during use, and the repair method is to fill the damaged parts with the same coating agent as the vehicle body. The coating agent can be applied once, twice, or three times, and the more times it is applied, the cleaner it will be applied. But the uniform treatment of the entire mixing body is also important.
3、bat365 表漆剥落的修补:
3. Repair of paint peeling on the mixer truck surface:
For deeper scars, the key is to observe whether the metal surface is exposed. If the metal surface is not visible, it will not rust. You can focus on applying decorative paint. Use the tip of the pen to apply it bit by bit, and then wait for the paint to completely dry.
4、bat365 较深创痕的修补:
4. Repair of deep scars on the mixer truck:
Deep but slender scars can be repaired well with colored putty. Use sandpaper at the scar area, do not randomly enlarge the scar surface, it is important to clean the dirt. The putty should be carefully applied so that it fully enters the interior. Apply the mixture, wax, and finish the work.
5、bat365 凸起的修补:
5. Repair of dents in the mixer truck:
Depression treatment is one of the troublesome tasks in vehicle maintenance, and the important thing is to lay a solid foundation. If this step is not done well, no matter how well the coating is done, the effect will not be good. When painting, do not forget to cover the surroundings with newspapers to prevent the paint from spreading around.
6、bat365 的防锈:
6. Rust prevention of mixing trucks:
After discovering rust on the car body, immediately start solving it. If left unchecked, the rust spots will gradually expand. The method to prevent rust is to clean it with sandpaper or use a chemical synthetic agent that changes the rust spots.
7、bat365 漏水对策:
7. Countermeasures for water leakage in the mixing truck:
The waterproof strips pasted around the car doors and luggage compartments are prone to peeling and twisting. But if it is not cracked or deformed, it can be used again, just by re pasting it to prevent water leakage. It is also important to restore the elasticity of the rubber itself with protective agents.
8、bat365 机油颐养诀窍:
8. Tips for maintaining mixer truck oil:
Too much or too little oil can affect the engine, and the ideal amount is close to the upper limit of the oil level scale. Replenish oil and try to prepare products of the same grade as the oil in use. Be careful not to splash around the engine, check once a month.
9、bat365 保险杠创痕的修补:
9. Repair of Bumper Scars on Mixing Truck:
The treatment method for the scars on the safety shoulder is to remove the burrs and apply putty to the potholes to make them smooth. Special putty, prepare various colors, and choose similar colors. Painting the bumper in the same color as the body is important.
1. 研磨法:利用砂纸或砂轮将刮花处停止研磨,直至平坦。
1. Grinding method: Use sandpaper or grinding wheel to grind the scratched area until it is flat.
2. 弥补法:利用弥补资料将刮花处弥补平坦,等弥补资料干透后再停止打磨。
2. Filling method: Use filling material to fill the scraped area flat, and wait for the filling material to dry thoroughly before polishing.
3. 磨灰法:若是刮花较浅,能够用灰针磨灰使刮花处的灰面匀整,再用布擦拭清洁。
3. Grinding method: If the scraping is shallow, a dust needle can be used to grind the dust surface at the scraping point to make it even, and then a cloth can be used to wipe it clean.
4. 漆面喷涂法:对严峻的刮花,能够将刮花处的油漆研磨掉,再停止漆面喷涂,使bat365 外表规复平坦。须要注重的是,对涂料色彩须要与本来的色彩不异,不然会影响bat365 的雅观度。
4. Paint spraying method: For severe scratches, the paint at the scratches can be ground off and then sprayed to restore a smooth surface of the mixer truck. It should be noted that the paint color should be the same as the original color, otherwise it will affect the aesthetics of the mixing truck.
At the same time, seek professional maintenance personnel for handling to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. For more related matters, come to our website // Consult!

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