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1. Check, identify problems, and troubleshoot
bet356体育亚洲版在线官网 怕跑在路上,罐子不转了,普通来讲装满混凝土的罐子普通停管不能跨越2小时,C40级以上的混凝土罐子就一向不能停。
The cement self loading mixer truck is afraid of running on the road and the tank won't rotate. Generally speaking, the tank filled with concrete can't be stopped for more than 2 hours, and the concrete tank of grade C40 or above cannot be stopped for a long time.
After the truck starts, let the mixing tank rotate at low speed, check the tire pressure, see if there are any leaking tires, check if there are stones, nails, and other things stuck inside the tires, and clean them in a timely manner.
Check the side lights to ensure they are on the edge of the tires, as there are often loose piles of steel bars and other debris on the construction site, resulting in weak tire sides.
2. Ensure that there is sufficient water and water reducing agent in the water tank
Due to various reasons, when the material is too dry and cannot be discharged without adding water, water reducing agents are a life-saving straw that can ensure the fluidity of concrete.
3. Confirm that the mixing tank is in a stopped state
由于bet356体育亚洲版在线官网 策念头启动时,万一搅拌罐高速扭转,刹时受力会很大,会对加速器和泵机电体系形成危险。
Because when the engine of the cement self feeding mixer truck starts, if the mixing tank rotates at high speed, the instantaneous force will be very large, which will cause damage to the reducer and pump motor system.
Safe operation:
1. Lock the anti reverse handle inside the driver's cab to prevent loads from lining up on the road.
2. Insert the positioning handle into the positioning chuck, lock the telescopic assembly with the locking mechanism, and fix the sliding groove.
3. The rear operating handle should be placed in the "stirring" position; Place the throttle in the idle position.
4. During driving, close the air supply valve for the water tank to avoid affecting the braking performance of the vehicle.
5. During operation, the extended sliding chute must be overturned and removed, placed in a dedicated position on the mudguard and locked. To prevent swinging from injuring people or affecting the operation of other vehicles.
6.bet356体育亚洲版在线官网 穿梭桥、洞、库等举措措施时,必须要注重经由过程高度的尺寸,以避免产生碰撞形成危险。
When the cement self loading mixer truck passes through facilities such as bridges, tunnels, and warehouses, attention must be paid to the size of the passing height to avoid collision and injury.
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The necessary matters for starting the work of the cement self loading mixer truck have been explained here. Do you have any doubts or needs to come to our website // Understand!

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